7 Totally Free Ways to Entertain Kids This Summer

7 Totally Free Ways to Entertain Kids This Summer

It's like Will Smith says in his seasonally themed classic, "Summertime"--

"Summer, summer, summertime
Time to sit back and unwind ..."

Unless, of course, you're a parent. In that case, summertime may be akin to taking on another full-time job which includes being a part-time nurse (to bandage skinned knees), part-time lifeguard and part-time chef.

With all the added jobs, the last thing you need to worry about is how to keep your kid occupied without breaking the bank. Don't worry, we've got your back. LearnVest has a ton of summer fun resources to keep your kids entertained, and to keep you from counting down the minutes 'til September:

10 Summer Toys to DIY

The Camp That'll Make Your Kid a Millionaire

5 Edible, Fun, Kid-Friendly DIY Projects

5 Healthy, DIY Ice Pop Ideas for Summer

6 Tricks to Save Time and Money When Traveling With Kids

How to Save Money on Kids' Entertainment

You see, stick with us this summer and you might even come out with a little extra cash leftover! Here are two other ideas we'd love to share:

7 Fun Free Things to Do With Ice

There's nothing easier (or cheaper!) to make than ice. Well, get ready to be floored--we have seven awesome, fun activities that'll keep the kids entertained for hours, and they all star ice as the main character. Better yet? All these activities will be sure to keep them cool.

A Cheaper Way to Remember Family Vacations

How do you go about memorializing that awesome family trip you took, without spending money on useless trinkets? We have ideas for simple, affordable crafts that let your kids preserve their summer memories in their own words.





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