7 Fun Frozen Treats You Can DIY

Nothing says summer quite like an indulgent frozen treat.

While I enjoy light and polite skinny ice cream bars for myself on occasion, and try to keep it on the healthier side for the day-to-day treats I give my daughter, when it comes to summer entertaining, I forgo calorie counting in lieu of enjoying something fun and truly decadent.

A big scoop of real vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two freshly baked cookies is always a favorite, or sometimes it's as simple as a frozen candy bar.

Whatever your pleasure, here are some ideas for truly fun summer treats your kids will love—all for $8 and under!

There's a range of effort involved in these frozen desserts—from simply freezing purchased goods to going all-out with an ice cream maker, so you can choose just how much effort you want to put in. Either way, frozen yumminess awaits!

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  • sjdemo

    we do simple ice cream sandwiches with cinnamon graham crackers and vanilla ice cream. cost is maybe $5 total and it makes a ton.

    • Domke519

      Thank you sjdemo, the graham crackers would stand up better to the ice cream.
      I mean (LOL) not get all soft and messy within 2 minutes.