15 Summer Reads Worth Your Money

Looking for the perfect reads for summer?

So are we. All the time. And there's nothing that irks us more than shelling out our hard-earned dollars on a hardcover we turn out to hate.

Or being totally bored by the three thought-they'd-be-fun beach reads we toted all the way to the shore.

After all, summer reading should be pleasurable, not stressful. Enter, LearnVest’s 2012 Summer Reading List. We’re bringing you 15 summer reads that are worth your time—and your money.

We've got a mix of current favorites, timeless classics and personal finance how-tos to keep you focused on your budget, even when you’re on the beach. Even better? You should be able to find many of these classics at the library for free.

Don't worry, all of these titles go great with sun and a splash of lemonade.

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  • Dinah

    Thank you for not including 50 Shades of Grey =)

  • Andrea

    Just ordering them all from the library – which means they are really worth my money – FREE!

  • LaurenLever

    Sweet, though I have to admit that I skipped right to the last 5.. I will stick to my horror/gothic nostalgia ;p

    • Brwanous

       Thanks for the tip!!!  Just ordered mine :)

    • Brianne Archer

      Yes, thanks! I’ve always wanted to read it and now I can do it for free.

    • Myratraney

       Thank You, Thank You!!! Just downloaded it!

  • Brwanous

    Thanks for the great list, can’t wait to dive in!

  • Brianne Archer

    I’ve been thinking about reading The Happiness Project for months but I keep forgetting to add it to my wishlist. I like to keep track of “to-read” books on Goodreads.

    • Anon

       I highly recommend it. I first read it in August and have referred to it almost daily since then.

  • Ccarrcomm

    Most of those books are fairly old – How about the Fabulous book by the creator of the X Prize –  ”Abundance – the Future is Better than you Think”, “Origins – How the Nine Months before Birth Shape the Rest of Your life, “, The Passage of Power – Robert Caro, “Paris in Love” – Eloisa James, How the Lone Star State Hijacked the American Agenda – Gail Collins, Some Assembly Required – Anne Lamott, “Quiet – The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking” –  Susan Cain, and my favorite (strangely enough for a girl) Top Secret Flight by Dale Cox

  • Cmoody975

    depending on your free time, A Song of Ice and Fire will not last the summer. All of the books are impossible to put down…. unless you’re throwing them across the room of course!

  • susankl

    the previous screen said i could “view as list.” no such animal here.
    false advertising.


    • Sharonm41

      the list is there, it just isn’t as we wanted it—15 book names on 15 lines. Instead, they skipped the slide show and put the books in a vertical list with the descriptions. I guess I am just going to have to do it the old fashioned way—write them down……

  • Sjdemo

    don’t forget about http://www.booksshouldbefree.com to download ebooks or audiobooks in the public domain! middlemarch is in there. for the phyiscal book lovers (like myself) there’s your local library or a local used store (i love 1/2 price) if you need to own it.

  • To do:  Trip to Library with this list in hand.

  • great book. A must read for all women who work

    Wendy Weiss, MBA Ph.D. Hot Flash Financial

  • Excellent book. Haunts you. 

  • I’ve read about half of your excellent choices – may I recommend the classic book on money Your Money or your Life by Vicki Robin?

  • Anisa Bregasi

    Middlemarch is Free on the ibook!