10 Things to Sell When You Graduate

Here's another interesting post from our friends at MainStreet:

As college graduates hang up their cap and gown and begin life in the real, post-college world, they have plenty of belongings that served them well while living in college dorms or housing. The newly minted college grads probably don’t need their mini-refrigerator that kept leftover take-out food cold during sophomore year -- but incoming college students will find value in a slightly used mini-fridge.

MainStreet uncovers ten items college grads can sell to incoming college students to earn some extra money and help the new college students save some money by not having to purchase brand new college-related items.

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  • Guest

    The last thing a college grad should sell when moving to a big city is the bike!  You certainly won’t save money by driving a car and public transit can be expensive.  Keep your trusty bike and take a class from a local bicycle awareness group on city riding.  You’ll keep the post-grad pounds off and save tons.

  • Nighthawk892005

    No reason to sell the printer. I debated buying one after college because I suddenly needed it much more.

  • anon

    this list seems silly—- 

  • kalena

    This is one of the more ridiculous lists I have ever read. The writer obviously has more money than common sense.

  • Michelleannel

    I disagree about the gaming system. Most gaming systems now come with dvd and blue ray players. Why sell it? You might as well keep it and save money by not buying a dvd/blue ray player.