10 Must-Have Summer Toys Under $15 Each

Summer has officially arrived, and keeping your kids busy has become a full-time job in and of itself. (True Facebook status update from a mom we know: Day 1 of summer break: 1 meltdown and 2 sent to rooms for fighting. Funsies!!)

Luckily, LearnVest is here to help. While we love these 10 Cheap and Fun Summer Activities for Kids and these 10 Summer Toys to DIY, we also know how overwhelming this season's selections can be at your local toy store (and how overwhelming the "I wants!" can get when your kids see the toys at the local toy store).

Instead of causing a meltdown of your own to deal with, we've found ten toys that are not only fun and budget-friendly (each find is under $15!), but work your child's motor skills, hand-eye coordination, improve their creativity and get them outdoors--plus, there's something for a range of kids' ages.

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