Work and Happiness: The LV Friday Five, June 15, 2012

Work and Happiness: The LV Friday Five, June 15, 2012





Welcome to the LV Friday Five, where we round up the week's most interesting posts to share with you for quick reading. This week we're talking about getting ahead on the job, and what an ideal work life would look like:

We all imagine ourselves at our dream job, but if you were fabulously wealthy and never had to work again, would you?

Many of our readers sympathized with our post on burnout in the workplace--If you think you’re on the verge of burning out before hitting 30, don’t worry, we’ve diagnosed the symptoms and offered tips to avoid it.

Meanwhile, our friends at Savvy Sugar laid out eight easy steps to improving your work-life balance so you can maintain a social life outside the office and still advance your career.

In a recent speech at Harvard Business School, Sheryl Sandberg encouraged women to cry at work, making us wonder: Can crying on the job actually help your career?

Finally, we found that the marital status of your male co-workers can affect how you’re treated in the workplace.


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