Throw a Fourth of July Bash (Without Bashing Your Budget!)

Throw a Fourth of July Bash (Without Bashing Your Budget!)

Have you seen that commercial yet?

You know, the one with the cute family standing around the grill beaming, kids laughing and the family dog running circles around them all, hoping for a hot dog of his own? It's officially Fourth of July season!


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We're not immune to the star-spangled advertising around America's most patriotic holiday, but putting together a bash worth remembering doesn't mean falling prey to the expensive grill/snacks/clothes championed by the ads.

Instead, we've put together a low-cost, high-creativity guide to assembling your own Fourth of July party this year, with the (1) food, (2) drinks and (3) decorations that will make your guests go "ooh" ... and that's before the fireworks even begin.

To view the slides in one long list, click into the slide show and select "list view."

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