The Ultimate Travel Checklist: 27 Free Apps and Websites for Stress-Free Vacations

Travel presents a unique mix of stress and relaxation:

  • Lazing on a beach with a margarita? Relaxation.
  • Spending hours researching the best airfare? Stress.
  • Hiking through perfect, misty mountains? Relaxation.
  • Tying up loose ends at work, then picking them back up again upon our return? Stress.

Sadly, tons of Americans don’t use their full annual vacation—and as many as 25% of them check into work every hour when they’re away. But studies have shown that time off can make us more positive about our workplaces and our personal lives, and that it can even make us physically healthier.

So, whether you’re planning an easy weekend getaway this summer or saving up for an epic voyage, we have combed the earth (at least, the internet!) to create the ultimate travel checklist to make your trip pure relaxation.

We’ve covered every step of the process, from figuring out your vacation budget, to finding a shockingly affordable place to crash, to planning ahead so you won’t be stressed when you get back home.

Not to mention, we’ve found 27 different free websites, apps and resources to help you find the absolute cheapest hotel and rental car rates, stay on top of your flight status and even keep yourself occupied at the gate.

To view our tips in one long list, click into the slide show and select “list view.” We guarantee this is a print-and-save guide.

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