Study Shows Men Give More to Charity Than Women

At LearnVest we are all about being smart when it comes to charity: giving what we can to the right causes, and not just around the holiday season.

So we jumped when we saw a BiddingforGood study released earlier this year that found that not only do men donate more money to charity than women, but they also give more frequently.

If you're surprised, so are we! Research in the past has suggested that, in general, women donate more than men. In fact just last year, a University of Indiana study found that female-headed households were much more likely to donate to charity than households headed by males.

But according to BiddingforGood, a company that connects businesses to charitable causes through online auctions, the tables have turned: Their survey found that 52% of men donate weekly or monthly to charity, compared to just 42% of women, and 62% of men give more than $500 a year to charity, vs. 46% of women.

Of course, charity isn't all about the money--studies show that women across all age groups volunteer more than men, and that women fill more not-for-profit jobs than men.

Who controls the giving in your house? How do you decide how much to give?

Check out this infographic from BiddingforGood for a detailed breakdown:

  • Rockstar_chick87

    Half of men donate to charity? I don’t believe that one bit. I would need to read the study, I’m sure there is something we aren’t taking into account here.

  • Sarah

    I would have to agree with Rockstar. I have worked for several non-profit organizations and these statistics don’t seem exactly right. If this is the case, I think it may have to do with how much they are able to give but I could see that changing with the gender wage gap. Also, what about married couples? When my husband and I donate to charity, he may make the donation but it comes from our shared bank account which we both contribute to.

  • Rockstar_chick87

    Also, even if it were true men donate more to organized charities. I still think women are more “charitable” than men. The fact that we women have children, and have to give up so many things from ourselves for our kids. That’s Charity right there! And I think women are probably more likely to help out their families financially than a man. And I think women give to their friends as well. And with what Sarah said below, it’s probably men that donate more at a time, because they are the ones with more money to start off with. But with number of times they donate? I think women do it much more often. I actually went to that website. It says: “According to the results, 52 percent of men who donate to charity say they do so every week or month compared to 42 percent of women. Also male respondents were more likely to give larger contributions, with 62 percent of men giving more than $500 a year to charity compared to 46 percent of women.” 52 percent of men THAT donate. Not 52 percent of men period. You have to read the whole thing. (As with any study) It doesn’t say ANYTHING about which gender donates more often. If 10% of all men are donating in comparison with 25% of all women, then that 52% of men that donate compared to 46% of women that donate really doesn’t mean anything. Women are still donating more.

  • Daretobeheard92

    I wish this study had taken into account how much TIME women put into charities.. When ever I go to a 5k run for charity or a fundraiser, it’s always women running the show. Women are the ones who put countless time and effort into a myriad of causes and charities. I rarely see men helping out who aren’t just the husbands helping out on a the day of. Majority of Rotary clubs and Kiwanis Clubs are women. Plus women usually attend more PTA meetings and help out with school functions. Maybe it’s just NY, I can’t speak for other places that I am unfamiliar with, but most women I’ve met or seen at events are giving their TIME, and I believe time is more valuable, and a more trustworthy currency when it comes to charity. Less corruption is able to happen with time. 

  • MissLongNeck

    I was pleasantly surprised to find that this article pointed out that, “Of course, charity isn’t all about the money–studies show that women across all age groups volunteer more than men, and that women fill more not-for-profit jobs than men.”  This is kind of the “duh” moment of the article.  Women are typically more empathetic than men.  It seems that women are ready to get their hands dirty for the cause itself which gives them the steam to engine through the various tasks demanded of them to help where they can for their charity of choice.  While men seem to be looking out for themselves thinking, “if I give so much money, every so often, I can claim this on my taxes.”

    Also, there is still a gender bias in the home and work place leaving men with more opportunity not only for a multitude of jobs but for higher paying jobs.  There are many successful women in the world, however, I personally feel it will still take many more generations to improve and overcome this bias.  Saying there is no gender bias is like saying racism is non existent.. And, unfortunately, we all know that isn’t true.