Planning a Wedding? Alexa’s 3 Best Tips

Gabrielle Karol

WeddingsIt’s wedding season, and nowhere is that more obvious than in the LearnVest office.

Aside from the fact that we recently published an amazing story from Abigail Dalton about throwing a 100-person wedding for under $4,000, two LearnVest editors are currently planning their upcoming nuptials (read LV Moms editor Cheryl’s tips for throwing a destination wedding) in addition to LearnVest CEO and founder Alexa. So, it’s a lot of wedding talk.

And as anyone who has ever attempted to plan a wedding (or has heard anyone even talk about planning a wedding) knows, they’re expensive. To help you minimize your own wedding costs, in this week’s edition of “One Minute With Alexa,” we asked Alexa to share her three favorite tips for saving money while still having the fabulous wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

Image Courtesy of Flickr/eddidit

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    where is the stuff about money etiquette