@LearnVest Asks: What Financial Goal Are You Working Toward?

@LearnVest Asks: What Financial Goal Are You Working Toward?

There's nothing more satisfying than sending off that final mortgage payment or credit card bill.

That's why we always encourage our readers to set good financial goals—it's easier to budget and save when you've got an end goal in mind.

This morning on Twitter, we asked our followers: What financial goal are you working toward right now?

We're excited that so many of you know what you want and are looking toward that finish line. Whether you're paying off credit card debt, looking to buy your own place or just changing the way you feel about money, our readers constantly have their eyes on the prize.

Remember, LV is here to help: Be sure to check out our tips on how to save up for your goals and explore our new Knowledge Center for everything you need to know about saving, budgetinginvesting, and much more.


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