@LearnVest Asks: Do You Think You Will Be Better Off Than Your Parents?


At some point, every woman asks herself one defining question: Am I turning into my mother?

Yesterday, we decided to take to the internet and find out the answer–or at least, the financial one. On Twitter and Facebook, we asked our followers: Are you or do you think you will be better off, equally well off or less well off than your parents? Why?

We got a ton of responses—while many readers seemed discouraged by an economy that feels less promising than it was a generation ago, others expressed thanks for the solid money lessons passed on from their parents. Most of all, several of our readers mentioned the issue of retirement. (If you’re looking for advice about saving for retirement, be sure to check out our tips on how to start, and how to navigate the changing market.)

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  • Rockstar_chick87

    I’ve BEEN already better off than my parents. Both my parents grew up poor. I’ve never been poor. When they were my age, I already made more money than they have, had more cars than they have, I don’t have 3 kids to take care of, I only have to take care of myself.