@Learnvest Asks: Do You Ever Spend Money Just to Seem Polite?

@Learnvest Asks: Do You Ever Spend Money Just to Seem Polite?

We all know the feeling: You're out to dinner with a group of friends and when the check comes, one friend suggests splitting it evenly. But you specifically ordered a salad to keep your bill low ... What now? Do you speak up? Or do you fork over the extra cash to avoid a potentially awkward situation?

Yesterday on Twitter and Facebook, we asked our followers: Do you ever spend money just to seem polite, be nice or meet others' expectations? Do you wish you could say no?


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From shopping for boyfriends to bottles of wine, we all have our moments of weakness when it comes to saying no to those unwanted purchases. For help with breaking the habit, have an honest conversation with any potential financial demons and be sure to check out our tips on how to boost your confidence and negotiate like a pro!

Check out these responses from our Facebook fans ...














...and more from our Twitter account!














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