How Will Apple’s iPhone Updates Affect Your Monthly Payment Plan?

How Will Apple’s iPhone Updates Affect Your Monthly Payment Plan?

Apple recently released a slew of software updates for its mobile phones and computers at its annual developers conference.

Some new mobile features include a mapping software to rival that of Google Maps, a new app called Passbook that organizes loyalty cards, tickets and boarding passes, and a tweak to FaceTime that will allow the video chat service to be used over cellular networks instead of only Wi-Fi.


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FaceTime is a service unique to Apple products that works in the same way as Skype, where users can video chat through their phones. Both services are currently free to users who use them over Wi-Fi.

A recent article in SmartMoney predicted that this new update to FaceTime would eat up users’ monthly data allotments in as little as two hours.

Using FaceTime anytime and anywhere, as opposed to only in places where internet connection is available, will no doubt be useful and convenient for iPhone users. But for those making an effort to stay within the limits of their monthly data plans, using the chat service over wireless networks isn’t the smartest option. Users with a 250 megabyte allowance could max out their data plan in as little as 90 minutes, SmartMoney reports.

Financing a smartphone is expensive as it is, and video chat services exhaust a data plan. For those looking for a relatively low-cost way to afford an iPhone and who are willing to forgo some bells and whistles, prepaid data plans are available. But those who enjoy every feature of the iPhone might want to ask: Is using FaceTime without Wi-Fi worth the increase in their monthly bill?

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