Are Dads Pulling Their Own Weight Around the Home?

Are Dads Pulling Their Own Weight Around the Home?

With Father’s Day approaching this weekend, the hard work of dads will be celebrated across the country.

But’s 2012 Father’s Day Index shows that at least in one way, dads’ value around the house just doesn’t match up to moms’.

Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ hourly wages, the index calculated the yearly paycheck the average dad would get for completing traditionally male household tasks. From moving furniture to pest control, the final number came in at $20,248—only 34% of the average mom’s calculated value around the house, although women tend to make less than men in nearly every profession.


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The 2012 Mother’s Day Index recorded the value of moms’ household contributions at $60,182. But because of assumptions about what constitute “mom” vs. “dad” tasks, the number could actually be much higher. For instance, we know a mom who coached her daughter's soccer team for many years, but lists coaching as a dad activity.

Plus, according to the index, the increase in dads’ household “salary” over time is being outpaced by the rate of inflation, amounting to a $1,000 decrease in value since 2002.

Are dads getting less valuable over time?

Absolutely not. Who can put a price tag on a father’s hug or a shoulder ride?


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