9 New Wedding Trends We Wouldn’t Spend On

Wedding TrendsDoes April 29, 2011 ring a bell to anyone?

Will and Kate’s royal wedding last year is still leaving its mark on this year’s wedding trends. Brides around the world are trying to incorporate luxe details into their wedding plans, which up the elegance factor but also the cost.

Trends inspired by old Hollywood glamour are transforming wedding receptions into parties straight out of "The Great Gatsby."

But adding glam to your wedding is often expensive and takes away from the natural beauty of your special day.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend your life’s savings on your wedding. One woman was able to plan hers for under $4,000!

Everyone's priorities are different, and we encourage you to figure out what wedding elements will mean the most to you, but we went through countless wedding blogs and Pinterest boards to find ten trends that won't part us from our cash.

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  • My only thought is that you can cut down on costs and keep the trends. Maybe use plastic jewels or craft store feathers to add special touches. 

  • These trends don’t have to be expensive. My husband and I had a 50′s themed wedding. I did a bunch of decorations using 100s of records I found for $6 and glue. We had a local rockabilly band and an iPod for music. It was little details like the records, the band and our accessories that made the theme. Not extravagant extras.

    And you can get multiple dresses for a few hundred dollars. I went to David’s Bridal and they have a $99 dress sale. Not a bad price for a second dress. :)