9 Affordable Options for Kids’ Formalwear

Kids at WeddingWhen I was 3, my soon-to-be-aunt chose me to be her flower girl.

Granted, I was going to be ­co-flower girl with my cousin, but still … I was psyched. I practiced, practiced, practiced walking down the aisle, dropping flowers—and then the big day came and, struck with stage fright (aisle fright?), I didn’t drop a single flower.

The takeaway? Kids will be kids … and although you might not be able predict how a young child will act when in a formal situation, the one thing you can predict is how much you’ll pay for that super-cute-might-only-be-worn-once outfit she’ll be wearing while she’s there.

Because honestly, think about it: How many times will your kid actually get to wear that tulle confection? (Probably only once before she outgrows it.) And how frequently does your little ring-bearer spill red-colored juice on his clothes? (Probably all the time.)

With that in mind, it just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to spend $70-$100+ on an outfit for this season’s special occasion that won’t get a ton of wear. Luckily, no matter what formal occasion you’ll be attending this summer with your child in tow, we’ve rounded up plenty of affordable options for children’s formalwear, from used outfits to discounted daily deals.

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  • Sjdemo

    cookieskids.com is one i just discovered and is always having some kind of sale. for gently used formal wear there’s also goodwill and local thrift stores, and don’t forget craigslist!

  • I subscribe to freecycle and one of the most frequently items listed seems to be children’s clothes.

  • Jamie

    Great list, I would add http://www.blacknbianco.com onto that list. They offer very affordable children’s formal wear.