8 Toys Your Daughter Will Love

These days, looking through the toy section of Toys "R" Us or Wal-mart can be discouraging for those of us with daughters.

First of all, aisles are divided into pink and blue sections, as if girls and boys never have the same interests. And these aisles (and websites) are saturated with pink EZ Bake Ovens, Pretty Princess dolls whose pastimes are "shopping," and the occasional Twilight action figure. More importantly, these shelves don't seem to stock many girls' toys geared toward science, exploration or critical thinking.

Any mom looking to find a balance between princesses and problem-solving knows that with such a one-sided market, it's tough to fight the tired gender stereotypes that boys can build and have adventures while girls should stay inside and play house.

Well, LV Moms is here to help. Click through for a list of eight toys that will bring out the inner explorer, adventurer, scientist, architect and archaeologist in your daughter!

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  • Sjdemo

    awesome ideas! i would add hello kitty megablocks to the legos, also compatible.

  • Fweetieb

    We have this and it is awesome. My 8 yr old loves it! We also purchased one where she can dig for fossils.

  • Guest

    Why not just add regular legos?

  • Kim H Patton

    The only two Barbies I owned growing up were Olympic gymnast Barbie (growing up in Atlanta, I went to one of the ’96 women’s gymnastics events) and astronaut Barbie. My favorite toys included a magnet set (which I added to for years), a microscope, and anything to do with space. I decided in the third grade that I wanted to be an astrophysicist, and very nearly ended up majoring in math (with a healthy dose of astronomy mixed in). I think my parents were doing something right. =)

  • EllieGee

    Sigh, archaeologist don’t dig up crystals. Archaeology is a branch of Anthropology which deals with people and places at all time periods (prehistoric and historic). So, archaeologist dig up artifacts. Geologist dig up crystals and animal fossils. I majored in anthropology with an emphasis on archaeology and people get confused about archaeology and geology all the time. 

  • Cmf

    And GoldieBlox. http://www.goldieblox.com

  • Sara Floyd

    Why did you not include the Lottie doll? http://www.lottie.com/us/ they even have a robot building one!

  • hilbuk

    I’m surprised goldieblox wasn’t on the list.
    I’m sorry but I had to barf when I saw a legos friends set on this list. Sure it might have been one of the least horrible ones of the series, but lego is the WORST for gender stereotyping these days. The friends sets are awful.