10 Things We Can’t Believe People Buy on Etsy

We love Etsy.

And the thing that's really won our hearts is the enormous volume of wacky, never-before-seen goods available for purchase.

Sure, the website for small business vendors has emerged as a global DIY mega-market, but it also brings together the craziest homemade goods on the web. From pet accessories to electronic gadgets and more, Etsy supplies custom items to the most discerning of collectors. It can be overwhelming to navigate the thousands of pages of one-of-a-kind wares.

That’s where we come in.

The LearnVest team set out to find (and make sense of) the ten craziest items available on Etsy—the items we can’t believe people spend money on!  Click on for the results of our investigation …

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  • Sophia Soteros

    I would get 90% of these.