10 Summer Toys to DIY

10 Summer Toys to DIYHow do you occupy your kids all summer without breaking the bank?

The urge might be to set them up with a mountain of new toys to keep them busy (and by the way, if you are planning on purchasing sports equipment, video games or toys this summer, we have genius ways to save on those right here).

Still, while loading the kids up with endless toys might work, you could also pinch a few pennies, and have lots of fun in the process, by making some of those toys yourself, or with your kids.

Sound daunting? It's actually a lot easier than you think to make awesome toys like handmade Play-Doh, DIY forts and felt boards. And, don't worry, we won't be asking you to break out any of those skills you learned back in shop class. Plus, if you have certain basics—like glue, yarn and paint—a number of ideas on this list could actually be totally free.

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  • Tabby822

    You can actually make this cheaper by making your own chalkboard paint! All you need is any color of acrylic paint (you choose, so this makes it even more fun if there is a color scheme you wanted for the backyard) and unsanded grout. If your making a small batch it would be 1/2 cup paint to 1 tablespoon of grout. If you need more paint just double or triple… etc.