10 Bad Habits That Are Actually Good for You


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    • Great article! Especially liked the one about chocolate.

    • Guest

      Slide show view is such a pain. Every page takes a long time to load. Boo.

      • PH

        There is a “List View” link under the author’s name on the top of the page. 

    • Jylee123

      What about caffeine’s potential effect on calcium leaching? (I believe the jury’s still out on that one.) Also, coffee drinkers often develop a dependency, giving them headaches when they don’t get their daily cup.

      • Kahart723

        You know, interesting side-effect – and I’m not sure what it means exactly – but i’ve been drinking caffiene for 12 years every day (i’m 26, so a good chunk of my life). I cut back about 2 months ago – from at least a large coffee every day to a small usually twice a week - and didn’t get any headaches. Oh, and I’m a chronic migraine sufferer (8 years). I think there must be a balance, as the reduction also seems to have given me more energy too, rather than depending on it … I am curious about the calcium leaching though.

    • Mark Edwards

      Libby, it’s “flaut”, not “flaunt.” Big difference.

    • Nice!  I’ve got most of these habits and I’m happy to see I have them to a healthy degree.  I’m surprised there was no mention of the benefits of drinking tea in item #2 about coffee.  It offers caffeine as well, and with the lower dosage you can drink more!

    • Sbasquez

      Coffee also decreases your chance of cancer. You can look up the study for details. However, it seems to actually effect heavy coffee drinkers more than anyone else from my recollection.