Top New Infant Toys in 2012

Top New Infant Toys in 2012

Here’s another helpful post from our friends at LilSugar. While we wouldn't necessarily advocate for purchasing your kid a ton of newfangled toys, the hours of entertainment these gadgets provide make them priceless ...


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Say bye-bye to playtime boredom! It's not usually infants that get bored with the toys in their toy chests, it's Mom. There are only so many times you can play with the same rattle before Mama needs to move on. And while I certainly don't advocate confusing tots with an overwhelming variety of toys to choose from every day, shaking things up every now and then can bring some welcome change.

Here are five new infant toys set to hit stores over the next few weeks that are sure to make both Mom and Tot excited for an afternoon of play!

Photo courtesy of LilSugar


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