Top 10 Money Pitfalls for Moms

Top 10 Money Pitfalls for MomsMoms are renowned for their nurturing. For their kindness. For their practicality. Some are renowned for their chops at managing their family’s finances.

But no matter how awesome we are, we’re still human. And sometimes we even run out of time to think about how we handle our money.

That’s why we’ve compiled the top ten mom money mistakes you might be making. Instead of soul-searching for what you could be doing better, go ahead and nip these mistakes in the bud, then accept the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re doing things right.

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  • CJ

    This is really lame advice considering it’s virtually impossible to find gender neutral clothing. 

  • Susanay2626

    We never found out the sex of our children, but were certain that we were having a boy when I got pregnant with my first child, so we had mostly newborn boy stuff.  Low and behold, our first child was a girl.  Never crossed my mind not to use the boy stuff we had on her.  We kept everything because we knew we wanted more than one child.  When we were pregnant with our second child, she also turned out to be a girl, and we also dressed her up in a blue sweatsuit and the other boy newborn stuff we had.  Neither one of them ever complained ;)  

    And the children’s birthday parties are totally out of control.  We compromise and every other year we have small celebrations at our home.  For my youngest’s most recent birthday, that meant having a “spa” day at home where my older daughter and a couple of her friends painted the girls’ nails and our goody bag was having them decorate t-shirts to take  home, so it was a double win since it gave us an activity to do and worked as the goody bag.  Because lets face it, how many of us really want to have our kids bring home goody bags filled with cheap crap that will break and clutter up our house? Sure, our girls claim that they don’t like having their birthday parties at home, but they still seem to have a lot of fun at them.