Think Your Job Is Stressful? The Top 10 Most Stressful Jobs

Think Your Job Is Stressful? The Top 10 Most Stressful Jobs

Many Americans complain of continually being stressed out at work. Some of the most anxious are Millennials, who say they are the most stressed-out generation.


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But exactly how stressful is your job compared to those in every other industry? recently put together a list of the top ten most stressful jobs in America. They ranked each position based on 11 different job demands—including deadlines, working in the public eye and putting one's own and/or others' lives at risk—which were all assigned a range of points. The final stress score is the total of these numbers.

Here are the most stressful jobs in America:

1. Enlisted soldier

Stress Score: 84.61
Average Income: $35,580

2. Firefighter

Stress Score: 60.26
Average Income: $45,250

3. Airline pilot

Stress Score: 59.58
Average Income: $103,210

4. Military general

Stress Score: 55.17
Average Income: $196,300

5. Police officer

Stress Score: 53.63
Average Income: $53,540

6. Event coordinator

Stress Score: 49.85
Average Income: $45,260

7. Public relations executive

Stress Score: 47.56
Average Income: $91,810

8. Senior corporate executive

Stess Score: 47.41
Average Income: $165,830

9. Photojournalist

Stress Score: 47.09
Average Income: $40,000

10. Taxi driver

Stress Score: 46.25
Average Income: $22,440

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