The LV Mom's Grab Bag--Your Financial Candy Store, if You Will

The LV Mom's Grab Bag--Your Financial Candy Store, if You Will

The LV Mom's Grab Bag--Your Financial Candy Store, If You WillDecisions, decisions.

As a mom, all you do is make decisions. About what's for dinner. About what the kids will be wearing today. About the best way to remove chocolate from the couch cushions.

But here at LearnVest, we don't want you to feel like you have to go chasing after the information you want.

We'd rather you feel more like a kid in a candy store.

In an effort to help you with that, here's what was in the news and online in the last two weeks that you might have missed:

Sitting With Your Family When You Fly Just Got Even Harder

Kid Can't Attend Private School? Pay Tuition Anyway

Will Those Jeans Cost You a Week of Work?

The Latest Supreme Court Decision on Parenthood

Why Is Poverty Associated With Teen Motherhood?

Malls Make Shopping More Fun for Kids

Women Avoid Financial Responsibility, Pay the Price

Are Women Using Pregnancy to 'Jump Ship' on Their Jobs?

Can You Lose Your Job for Liking Something on Facebook?

More Women Pay Alimony as Gender Roles Shift

And here are two new topics we thought might interest you, as well:

Kids and Dental Work--Get All Your Questions Answered Here

Certain dental bills can really rack up the high fees (hello, braces!) if they aren't covered by insurance, so it's best to take care of little teeth as much as possible before they become a big issue. What is actually hurting your children's teeth? What's the one thing that makes the biggest difference in your kids' dental health? Find out here.

Could a Nanny Share Work for You?

Getting a nanny can be crazy expensive, but a nanny share just might be the solution to that. A nanny share is exactly what it sounds like—you and another family (or a couple of other families) share a nanny. The truth is they can be pretty great, but you should know a couple of things before diving in.


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