Real Moms Share: ‘My Best Mother’s Day’

Mother's Day, the day to celebrate all that you do, is almost here. The question is: What does it mean to you? And what would you want your family to do on that day?

In some families, it might mean store-bought gifts and breakfast in bed, while for others it could mean macaroni art and exuberant construction paper cards.

After all, sometimes the best part is just hearing them say, "We love you, Mom!"

But the kids we found went all out. From planting rose bushes or saving up hundreds of dollars to pay for a Chinese dinner to replacing their mom's lost wedding ring...

How'd we find them? We asked LearnVest readers, friends and the mothers of LearnVest staffers for their favorite Mother's Day memories ever. And these just go to show Mother's Day isn't about a fancy champagne brunch or expensive gifts. It's all about the effort and love. (Editor's note: You may want to get out your tissues for this!)

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Tell us: What was your favorite Mother's Day ever? Share it in the comments below or in discussions!