Why It Doesn't Matter Whether Mark Zuckerberg Has a Prenup

Why It Doesn't Matter Whether Mark Zuckerberg Has a Prenup

So Mark Zuckerberg is married.

In case you haven't been monitoring your Twitter/Facebook/internet lately, Zuckerberg and longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan pulled off a major coup this past weekend: the secret marriage.

And their wedding wasn't just secret—it was also the day after Facebook went public, securing Zuckberg's net worth of about $17-$19 billion.


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Given all the riches involved, you may be wondering whether he got Chan to sign a prenup. But, actually, he didn't have to.

California, where Beast's parents reside, is a community property state, which means any assets a person owns before his marriage belongs to him, but anything he acquires or earns post-marriage belongs equally to him and his partner. (Learn more about community property states in Getting Hitched Bootcamp.)

Because Zuckerberg's company held its IPO before his marriage, everything he earned from the deal belongs to him and will continue to be his under California law. Just a coincidence or deliberately timed?

However, there remains what The New York Times calls a "huge gray zone": whether, in a potential split, Chan would get any of the growth of his Facebook stock, which obviously has the potential to expand exponentially.

Rumors began immediately that the couple doesn't actually have a prenuptial agreement, but a representative for the couple won't confirm or deny whether they have the agreement in place.

Image Credit: Allyson Magda/Facebook, via Reuters


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