‘No Mothers Day’ Raises Awareness for Women Around the World

Libby Kane

What’s the most meaningful part of Mother’s Day?

Is it a homemade card? Or breakfast in bed? Or is it getting to be a mother at all?

A movement to celebrate “No Mothers Day” instead of the traditional holiday is being spearheaded by model-turned-activist Christy Turlington Burns, as well as celebrities Debra Messing, Jennifer Connelly and Kelly Rutherford.

The anti-holiday suggests that instead of receiving cards and gifts, mothers go to ground for a day to show how much they would be missed, in deference to the 358,000 mothers worldwide who die each year from largely preventable pregnancy and childbirth complications.

The movement released a short video through Turlington Burns’ organization Every Mother Counts, which she founded in 2010 after complications with her own delivery.

Since then, Every Mother Counts has produced a documentary about the struggle many women face to secure good medical care around the world and a CD of new releases from artists such as Alanis Morisette and Paul Simon called Every Mother Counts 2012, which is currently on sale at Starbucks. A portion of the proceeds go to the organization.

Whether or not you agree with their mission this Mother’s Day, it’s interesting to see an organization reclaim a day that, like so many holidays, has become massively commercialized. If the mission of Every Mother Counts resonates with you, consider holding on to the dollars you might have spent on flowers or jewelry and supporting both moms and moms who would have been.

  • Teamrea2

    Mothers are the most important thing in the world. This mother’s day reach out to those you love, invite someone who doesn’t have a mother to spend the day with you. This world needs ever mother it has. DON’T DISAPPEAR!! Stay here and make a difference, support the cause by being present!!!!