Mother's Day Gifts, a Mom 'Salary' Calculator and ... the 'Baby' Workout?

Mother's Day Gifts, a Mom 'Salary' Calculator and ... the 'Baby' Workout?

There is so much to be thankful for this month, we can hardly stand it.

See, that's us in the photo, taking it all in.

For example:
The arrival of May flowers makes us smile.
Impending Mother's day—a day devoted entirely to celebrating the wonderfulness that is Mom—makes us proud of both our family and our accomplishments.
Approaching summer vacation plans have us daydreaming.
Warmer weather has us throwing open the windows and doors and planning fun DIY projects to do with the kids.

To add to all this excitement, we're bringing you three stories in today's Moms' Grab Bag series that we bet will get you talking.

What We Really Want: A Mother's Day Gift Guide to Leave Around the House

With a healthy family in tow, what else could a Mom ask for, right? Wrong. We covet things, just like everyone else. To give your family a little help in the Mother's Day gift department, here's a list of 12 things we'd love to get on our special day ... and each item is $50 and under. The hardest part will be figuring out where to leave the print out ...

What's Your Mom 'Salary'?

You don't need a number to prove how valuable you are to your family, but it's still nice to see just how much money you're saving by doing all that you do in the home. Find out what one survey estimated a homemaker's yearly salary to be worth—and use our calculator to come up with your own, customized number. (Caution: This calculator will be your new addiction.)

The Baby Workout, or 4 Free Exercises You Can Do at Home

Let's be honest. Warm weather rocks, but it also has us thinking of what's around the corner ... bathing suit season. Check out these videos from a 20-year fitness expert and new mom to see how she incorporates her baby right into the workout! Don't have a brand-new baby? No worries. All of these moves work with free weights, too.


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