Malls Make Shopping More Fun for Kids

Libby Kane

Know what isn’t fun? Shopping for grown-up things with non-grown-ups in tow.

The Wall Street Journal reports that more and more malls are searching for an advantage over online shopping, where you click  a few buttons while your kids are eating lunch and a few days later the needed items arrive on your doorstep.

The advantage is “place markers,” or that quality that means you’ll bypass other options to shop there.

And in this case, a place marker is a play area. The leading play-area supplier to malls (yes, that’s a thing) installed 65 new play areas in shopping centers last year and massively upgraded 18 more.

The areas can be as big as 2,000 square feet and are usually located behind 4-foot walls away from exits (to minimize risk of escape or abduction). They’re usually surrounded by vendors, especially food-related, and sometimes sponsored by companies such as Stonyfield Farms.

What do you think? If your children had somewhere to take a break from all of that taxing shopping, would you be more likely to shop there?

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