Can You Lose Your Job for Liking Something on Facebook?

Can You Lose Your Job for Liking Something on Facebook?

We really cannot say it enough.

Be careful with your social media!

We've seen people get fired for Tweeting, for dissing a boss on Facebook and a whole host of of thoughtless broadcasts to the world. (To see the craziest blunders, read this.)


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Now, it has come down to a single thumb: the Facebook "like" button.

The New York Times reports that after a Virginia sheriff fired six employees for supporting his opponent during his 2009 re-election, one of whom was let go because he "liked" the page of the sheriff's opponent on Facebook. The dismissed employees sued, saying that the action violated their constitutional right to free speech.

The Virginia judge who saw the case didn't agree. Because "liking" is really just clicking a button, he said, it isn't the same as actually saying something and is therefore unprotected by the law.

Whether clicking a button to indicate you enjoy or support content (oh hey, have you visited our Facebook page lately?) is or isn't free speech, the fact remain that no internet actions go unnoticed, and most if not all can affect your career.

The next time you hover over the "like" button, ask yourself: Do you like it enough to lose your job?


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