A Money-Saving Guide for Kids of Any Age

A Money-Saving Guide for Kids of Any Age

We had a big ol' case of sticker shock this week.

The United States Department of Agriculture recently put an exact price tag on the cost of raising kids from birth to age seventeen (not including college), and it's a biggie.

We know kids just seem to suck money from you, but LearnVest is here to help you save money—no matter what age your kids are.


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Case in point: When they're teeny, it's all about having the perfect nursery (and who knew cribs could cost as much as a small car?). Then, all of a sudden, they start demanding technology of their own (iPads, cell phones, etc.).

Finally, there's that looming feat of Paying. For. College.

Which is why we asked a LearnVest Certified Financial Planner to answer the five most pressing questions you have. We promise ... you don't have to go broke to make it happen.

In fact, no matter which birthday your kids are celebrating next, there's a story below that will save you big.

Take your pick!

A Designer Nursery for Under $400? Yes, Times Three!

We tapped an interior designer to give us three mix-and-match nursery options that all include a crib, changing table and personal item for under $400. See what she came up with, and steal her awesome ideas for your own little one's room.

Kids' Cell Phone Guide: When They're Ready, and Should They Pay?

These days kids as young as toddlers are playing games on our phones. Find out the magic age at which most kids receive their first cell phones, how to tell if your kid is ready, and what, if anything, she should contribute towards it.

The 5 Most Common Paying-for-College Questions Answered (by a Certified Financial Planner)

We know you have questions about saving for college. This is your ultimate, CFP-approved guide to learning about how to start saving, how to figure out what you can afford and when's the best time to do it.


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