7 Money Mistakes Women Make More Often Than Men

Some of us handle our money flawlessly, perfectly, brilliantly, all of the time.

But most of us don't.

Most of us make mistakes here and there. We make some mistakes more than others, because of our personalities, or our upbringing ... or sometimes even our gender.

It's ridiculous, but true.

We've heard it firsthand—from our readers. In fact, we went through hundreds of reader submissions and found examples of the most common stories that cross our desks every day.

Let's be clear: Not all women make these mistakes. Not all men avoid them. But in our experience, these are a few female financial problem areas that can lead to major debt and lots of stress.

Ever bailed out an ex? Indulged in a little more retail therapy than you meant to? Or woken up one day and realized you didn't know as much as you thought you did about managing your money? You just might recognize yourself.

Of course, if you don't, good for you. We're just saying, bad money snafus happen to good people. But read on: We'll show you the top seven mistakes women make—and what to do instead.

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  • I would like to add one. I have a lot of girl friends who are in bad relationships/have recently broken up, yet they are still living together/getting assistance from their boyfriends because they weren’t financially secure before going in, and now they feel trapped by their situations. Why is that? 

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  • Gea2006

    Another one (although less common nowadays perhaps):  being financially dependent on your husband, especially after kids.  A good friend of mine swore she never wanted to work and didn’t see the point, until her husband was unfaithful.  Now she’s stuck in the relationship because she has no money of her own and no work experience to speak of, let alone a college degree :-/.

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    God I’m tired of the women and shoes thing. I have been a woman for a long time (hhahaahah) and have never cared a fig for shoes. I do not get hot and bothered over something you stick on dirty stinky sweaty feet. In fact I don’t even like feet. And I don’t care about shoes. They get me where I need to go without burning on a hot street or freezing in snow. Shoes are utilitarian, that’s all. I have some sneaks and 2 pairs of Docs (one of which I bought in 1997!) Please get over this woman/shoe fetish thing already.