18 Delicious Ways to Cook Spring Vegetables: A Guide

When spring’s glamorous yield of veggies arrives, it makes it far easier to be healthier. In fact, you can hardly blame us for stocking our carts with leeks, ramps, rhubarb, sugar snaps and shelling peas.

But just how do you prepare all these exotic new finds?

Many spring vegetables are so crisp and delicate they hardly need cooking. But once we’ve splurged on all this once-a-year yumminess, we like to give it the royal treatment. That’s why we often pair asparagus with miso, the king of umami, and dip artichokes in caper aioli, the queen of condiments.

As you fill your own tote with the new season’s produce, one way to save money is not to buy more than you can eat. Pick out vegetables that are firm—never wilted—and cook them as soon as you can.

We've gone item by item to create your guide to the best spring produce.

For each vegetable, we've also given you two recipes: A simple one that gets the job done, and another, fancier option in which we transform greens, radishes, sugar snaps and more into edible masterpieces.

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