10 Under $10: Ways to Save Your Favorite Memories

Memories are precious.

And better yet: free.

For that reason, we've compiled ten creative ways keep favorite memories front of mind.

We figured out how to showcase champagne corks from the best New Year's Eve, anniversaries and weddings, a magical way to remember every house you've ever called home, a comforting way to let your kids sleep with their favorite t-shirts every night and even a way to do what we all dream of: bottle our favorite vacations and bring them home.

Some of these projects cost as little as $1, but will preserve your most precious memories beautifully for a lifetime.

We created the 10 Things to Do With 10 Bucks series because, as the month nears its end, you may find a spare $10 in your budget. We don’t think you should buy random junk, but we do believe that occasional splurges are important, especially if they make you happy.

And very little makes us as happy as storing and reliving our favorite memories.

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  • Csuhr

    Do you have any ideas or suggestions on what to do with all your old trophies and plaques?

    • LibbyKane

      Hi Cshur: The tricky thing about trophies and plaques is their bulkiness — you can’t stuff them all into a jar! Instead, we love the idea of incorporating them into your decor by using them as vases or containers for utensils, headbands, etc. That way, your memories are ever-present, but not obtrusive. For an example, see this link: http://heatherbullard.typepad.com/heather_bullard_collectio/2012/02/trophy-cup-utensil-holders.html. Hope that helps!

      • Ruddle58

         I saw some made into lamps.  They looked great.  Older ones are made of silver!  They look beautiful.

  • Firetoair

    Each idea is tackier than the one before.Why would you even keep your old house keys, let alone display them ???? Throw that crap away!

  • apushkal

    That’s cute but I look at it and think: what a pain to dust. And where would I put them?

  • CleoBarker

    Old candle containers work the best for a memory jar or a jar to hold change and other items.