Website Lets You Earn Extra Dough by Being a Fake Girlfriend

Alden Wicker

Girlfriend Hire websiteYou may not have settled down with an actual boyfriend yet, but while you’re searching for Mr. Right, you can get paid to pretend to be Mr. Wrong’s girlfriend.

A new website called Girlfriend Hire links up guys who need to farm out various (all PG) girlfriend-y tasks with girls who need a little extra money. Each task costs a fiver.

Think of it like TaskRabbit, but for guys who are are probably 12 years old and borrowing their parents’ computer. You can complete homework, share secrets of the female race, post lovey-dovey notes all over his Facebook wall and more.

Some of the more notable requests from guys include:

  • Looking for a girl who will argue/break up with me over text message
  • Stalk a buddy.. in the wittiest ways possible.
  • To show me her feet
  • I want a girl to make a video explaining why cats are better than dogs
  • Make a video summarizing Battlestar Gallactica in a skirt or bikini!
  • Get over an ex (Editor’s comment: awwwww)

We kind of like the idea of earning $5 by counseling a sad teenage boy through his first heartbreak. But what do you think? Worth the money or just weird?

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  • KatyD

    “show me her feet?” Ewwwww…..well there are stranger fetishes, I guess….

  • Guest

    Excuse me but this is complete garbage. Never mind the fact it’s basically entrapment in one way or another. If prostitution isn’t legal on the streets then what would make it legal online? Seriously, this is flat out trash. Give me something of real substance.

  • Blair Glass

    I’m going to vote “just weird.”

  •!/nicolefrancise nicolefrancise

    $5 wouldn’t even cover travel!  this sounds like a hoax.