The World’s Longest Invoice From Freelancers Tops $8 Million

Libby Kane

Has anyone ever not paid you the money they owe you?

Was it for work?

Then you understand the frustration of the Freelancer’s Union, which is currently running a campaign on behalf of all of the freelancers who were never paid for their professional efforts. Right now, they’re hosting The World’s Longest Invoice, where unpaid freelancers can add their names and the amounts they’re owed.

As of publication, the total sum is $8,579,107.

Services listed include graphic design, translation, journalism, logo design and video photography, among others. The invoice in its entirety will be sent to lawmakers on May 22 in support of the Freelancers Payment Protection Act, which would give freelancers in New York State legal recourse when their clients don’t pay.

We hope you don’t need to, but go ahead and add your name if their plight is all too familiar. And if you’re freelancing, make sure you understand the tax implications—we can help you with that here.

via The Billfold

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  • Shannon

    I hope this passes! I would love to move to a freelance work set-up but am too afraid to because of this very problem!