The Coolest Thing We've Seen All Day

The Coolest Thing We've Seen All Day

Well, one of the coolest, anyway.

We stumbled across an awesome site called ask4more2day, which focuses on women and—wait for it—salary negotiation!

You know how we feel about salary negotiation (we love it). And why we find it frustrating (because so many women don't do it). And what we want for you (higher salaries and general empowerment!).

Ask4more2day, erected in honor of Equal Pay Day, is simply a calculator that takes into account how much money you make now, how much you want to make in how many years, and tells you what percentage raise you need each year to meet your goal.

It's glam, too—the calculator is surrounded by quotes from some of the most powerful women in business, as well as one key fact: "April 17th signifies how far into the year a woman must work to earn the pay a man earned  the year before."


The site is only one aspect of the Ask for More Project (#ask4more), run by The Levo League, a networking organization for Gen Y women. In the spirit of equal pay, the League has declared April 17, 2012, the first "Ask for More Day."

So go ahead, try it. How much should you be asking for?

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