Money Mayhem: Woman Fired After Giving Kidney for Boss

Money Mayhem: Woman Fired After Giving Kidney for Boss

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We've all had that boss who asked for a little too much.

Too many unpaid hours of overtime. An unrealistic deadline. An unwanted Facebook friendship.

An organ.

ABC News reports that Debbie Stevens worked for her boss Jackie Brucia for two years, then moved away. On a trip back to the area to visit family, she learned that Brucia needed a kidney transplant and was hoping for one from a friend. Stevens mentioned that if the current arrangements fell through, she would be happy to donate the kidney.


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A few months later, when Stevens moved back to the area, she was re-hired by Brucia and told that a kidney was still needed. It turned out that Stevens wasn't a match for Brucia, but she was able to donate a kidney to another person so her boss could move up on the transplant list.

Here's where it gets craz(ier): Stevens had to take time off after the surgery after the surgeons hit a nerve in her leg, and when she returned to the office, her boss was verbally abusive and demoted her. When she reached out for legal advice, she was fired.

Now, she's suing, claiming that she was only re-hired in order to donate the organ, then fired unfairly.


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