Inspiring 6-Year-Old Raises Money for Sick Dad

Libby Kane

Ready for your morning money cry?

(Yes, that’s a thing.)

Drew Cox, a 6-year-old living in Texas, set up a lemonade stand to raise money for his father Randy, who was diagnosed with cancer. Babble reports that the local television station publicized his mission and soon enough, cars were lined up around the block for 25-cent cups of lemonade.

“He is so important to me, we love to play with each other,” he was quoted as saying about his dad, who is currently undergoing his fourth round of chemo. And Drew wasn’t shocked by the endless stream of customers: “I was thinking that everybody would come,” he said.

The family’s insurance doesn’t cover the travel costs they incur over the course of Randy’s treatment, so every little bit counts.

He ended up raising $10,000.

To donate to Randy Cox, visit

  • Owooluwanoni

    This s such a beautiful story. Love is such a beautiful thing.

  • Bethy @ Credit Karma

    Ok, you were right. Although it was an “afternoon money tear” for me. (Don’t want my coworkers to see my cry.) Thanks for sharing this inspiring story!

  • Klem

    This is not an inspiring story. What kind of society think it is inspiring when a 6 years old kid has to raise money BY HIMSELF so his dad can be CURED.

    What this inspires to me is how f***cked up the american healthcare system is