How to Save (and Make!) Money this Spring

How to Save (and Make!) Money this Spring

Yard Sales, Camp and Spring Activities: How to Take on the SeasonWelcome to the second edition of our LV Moms Grab Bag series, in which we offer you three stories instead of one. Last time we brought you these:

-How to pick (and what to pay) the perfect babysitter

-Secrets from an SAT tutor that will make your child a test-taking rock star.

-Five DIY or low-cost piggy bank options to get kids interested in saving.

Today, we're taking on a whole new season. Spring is here, which means summer is fast approaching. That means all-new expenses with kids home! Luckily, there are ways you can save—and make—money right now.

How You Can Afford Summer Camp

The experts say camp is great for kids for many reasons, especially because it builds skills like socialization, self-organization, self-care and conflict management. But most summer camps last anywhere from one week to the entire summer, and cost somewhere between $200-$400 per week. We're here to help you figure out how to afford camp this year—how to budget for it and how to find one that's right for your finances and their needs.

3 Free Educational Activities Made for Spring

We know that instilling a love of learning in children at a young age helps them succeed later in life. These three fun activities will teach them science and math, all in fun ways they won't even notice. (Who doesn't love drawing flowers and measuring rainfall?) In fact, we've consulted an elementary school teacher to create three mini-lesson plans to help your child appreciate the changes of spring—and they hardly cost a thing.

7 Steps to a More Profitable Yard Sale

We've never met a kid who doesn't love to throw a yard sale ... have you? Besides, yard sales are a great way to clear clutter and earn cash. Plus, we have tips—from creating ambience to secret pricing strategies—that will score you more. Better yet, you'll teach your kid some valuable business acumen in the process. Just follow these seven steps.

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