For the Multi-Thousandaires: A Gen Y Anthem

For the Multi-Thousandaires: A Gen Y Anthem

"Been two years since graduation, no more going to class ... Buy my own groceries, parents still pay for my gas."

Sound familiar?

It's only one point made by the rap parody "I'm 24" by Pat Stansik , which has been resonating with 20-somethings across the internet thanks to its hard truths and stealthily catchy chorus.

Confessions from a 24-year-old like, "I don't wanna get married—but I could see myself settling down in a few years if I met the right girl," are both funny and well ... true.

And yeah, it's a guy. But in this case, his message to Gen Y is a lot more accurate than the others going around.

Check it out.

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