11 Things Hiring Managers Won’t Tell You

  • BLT

    So, basically, hiring managers are every bit the shitheads you’ve imagined them to be.

  • Jim

    To be honest, when I was a hiring manager for a health care facility I avoided hiring any single mothers because I did not have one single mother who had a good attendance record. Not one. It was as if they wanted to set their own hours and days. Well, maybe Burger King will let you do it your way. I needed staff to be there to care for the patients and clients. No, I did not discriminate against women, the staff was mostly female. It also was not fair to the other ladies I had to ask to work a double, or call in on a day off because Ms Suzie Noload couldn’t find a sitter.

  • John

    A “having no clue” 25 year old hiring person is pretty common and the “I go through hundreds of resumes a day” is total B.S. What they really mean is that they have no time between their personal phone calls and their tweeting for the resumes. And skimming for buzz words only demonstrates laziness and complacency.

    So instead of concentrating on the job, we’re told we have to play little school girl games with the chronically brain dead. Note how the increase in temp agencies has increase as the job market wanes.

  • Mackenzine

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  • Fred

    The thing is,. these people are not Employers. they’re charlatans. if a TYPO is the disqualifying mark.. the business is a shame. it’s the over privileged elite class. it’s a problem. time for guns. your job is right in front of you.

  • frank

    They are still running with this bogus wage gap? The myth has been debunked many times before. The so called statistics are taken from jobs all across including doctors and secretaries and those women that work part-time and men who work overtime hours. Check the facts, and check which organization is doing the statistics…once you dig deeper into these companies, you would see that they were somehow affiliated with women groups/organizations. Women already play the victimhood card, of course people won’t dare question that women earn less than men. But the fact is that single women DO earn slightly more than men. And women DO want more stable lifestyles with less risks(less pay) and comfortable working condition(less pay), and take time off to have family(interruption in work). And the reason women earn more degrees is because 1)schools are run by mostly women(sisterhood and feminized courses), and 2) Lots of government help for women! And we haven’t even talk about men are unfairly treated in family law!

  • MW

    I suspect this “Hiring Manager” will .. always … be … “Hiring” … or, trying to at least.

  • ak

    Ugh, this whole applying online thing is so confusing!!! I hear so many conflicting things. Some say like this article, that it’s a waste of time. Then others say that if you go in person it’s considered rude in this day & age, & that actually sending your resume is just going to annoy them. I know it varies from job to job, but still, you just hear SO many conflicting things about it :(

  • Kelsey

    The thing about the wedding bands that I have a problem with is that if I go to the interview with no band, and show up with one to work on Monday, doesn’t that make me look like a manipulator as well? I doubt a new boss would take kindly to me “inferring” that I am unmarried when in fact I have been married for three years and have a 2 month old at 23 years old! Just seems like a bad way to start out. I would rather find an employer who accepts this and knows I am the right fit for the job anyway!

  • Johaness

    I’m a Java Developer I don’t have most of those problems, if I’m good enough proving and selling myself to customer probably they will hire me.

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  • SallyMayJohnson

    I know this article is old but jesus christ I guess there’s no wining they’ll try to find something wrong with you just because they’re lazy and don’t want to take the time to actually get to know you

    That one about looking up peoples facebook and the wedding ring one really pissed me off

    Might as well start your own job…though in order to do that you need money

  • Aldous Huxley

    Petty. Meritocracy is truly dead.

  • Tim Woods

    And if you are a hiring manager that is caught doing most of these things, you’ll be able to experience what it’s like to experience what it’s like to be a candidate sooner than you think.

    Remember, at least in the US it is illegal to discriminate based on age (especially if you are over 40). If I found out you resorted to catfishing my social network, I would contact your HR department so fast, your head would spin.

  • Mary Mamabunny Allen

    So I guess hiring people who get a hiring manager to like someone are more likely want someone to brown nose. Brown nosers most likely either have little or no experience with what a hiring manager looks for. Sounds like duplicity to me! Give me a break!