10 Tips for Making the Perfect Résumé


It’s never a bad time to improve your résumé! Here’s another smart post from our friends at Savvy Sugar. Check it out: 

Your résumé might be a single piece of paper, but that document is an extension of you.

It’s one of the first ways employers evaluate your potential to fill an open position, so even if you’re confident in your interview abilities, you won’t get an invitation to show them off unless your résumé is compelling.

Think you’ve done everything you can to create a solid résumé? Discover some things you might be missing by reviewing these ways to improve your résumé.

To read Savvy Sugar’s tips, click here.

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  • Bryn Boyle

    Awesome tips. I like that you mentioned about “getting noticed”. I do believe in making sure your resume has awesome content. Your content should be concise, pertinent and straight to the point. But your over all resume should standout. But how? There are many ways to do this. I’ve heard of video resumes but has never done one. On the other hand, I have done infographic CVs and found them to be highly effective. Graphical CVs are easy to do, too! I did mine on my iPad using an app called SHINE (http://goo.gl/vhZ2q).

  • Logesh Waran

    Before preparing your resume, Always prepare a rough draft of it in a form of a word document. While checking your draft, make sure that you have formatted it or not? Because it is very important when it comes to considering the reader’s experience in checking it out.

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