10 Things to Do With $10: Get Beautiful, Summer-Ready Skin

From magazines to commercials, you're probably inundated with advertisements for new products that promise to banish wrinkles, clear up acne, give you Zooey Deschanel's eyelashes and more.

(We might not have her eyelashes, but we do have her budget.)

We know you're smart enough not to believe everything you hear, but sometimes it's hard to discern the difference between the great new product that's going to change your life and the one that's destined to collect dust on your dresser.

To help you out, we've compiled a list of our favorite, editor-tested skincare products for this installment of our 10 Things to Do With 10 Bucks series.

The idea behind the series is that, as the month nears its end, you may find a spare $10 in your budget. Although we don’t support your buying lots of random junk, we do believe that occasional splurges are important, especially if you spend your money on something that will make you happy.

From our favorite shaving cream (sometimes, cheapest is best!) to the easiest, healthiest way to get a perfect summer glow, these products won't disappoint--and won't make a serious dent in your budget either. Each is available for $10 or less, making them the perfect little indulgences if you've got a Hamilton burning a hole in your pocket. Plus, these products are our personal must-haves, so you know that you're not wasting your hard-earned money.

See the full list by clicking on the first image below:

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  • N_nicolaisen

    Although I agree with having some fun with an extra 10 dollars, you may want to read the ingredients in these products before putting them on (and in) your skin. There are many toxic chemicals in them and that not only enter your system, but enter the water systems as well. I would recommend buying non-toxic versions of these, (no parabens, phthalates, etc.) It’s a bigger problem than you may think. 

    • Sola

      I absolutely agree with above comment…extra $$$ is not worth the savings when what you’re putting on your skin will harm you and our environment.

    • LA

       Absolutely agree…many of the ingredients in these products are carcinogenic.
      In the long run may cost you much more in health care after using them over the years.

    • AldenWicker

      Hi ladies, 
      Thanks for the feedback! If you’re concerned about product ingredients, we actually have an article about non-toxic skincare, where we compare prices and share our favorite products. Here it is: http://www.learnvest.com/2012/01/your-guide-to-green-natural-beauty-products-on-a-dime/ 
      And here is a similar article on non-toxic makeup: http://www.learnvest.com/2011/10/your-guide-to-green-and-safe-makeup/

      I hope you enjoy them!Alden

  • Jo

    I think makeup towelettes are too costly even at $9 bucks.  I found a store brand baby wipe with cucumber and aloe that worked amazing!  It took all my makeup off and made my skin refreshed and super soft right before yoga class.  It cost me less than 5 dollars.

    • Gen

      Also walmart and target have a nice e.l.f brand makeup towelettes for only $3. 

  • Apushkal

    Cetaphil rocks. It’s the only thing I’ve found besides pricey Lush moisturizers that doesn’t leave a greasy shine on my face.

    • Jenna

      I love Cetaphil as well! I use the version for normal-to-oily skin. The large bottle lasts a long time!

  • Anne Addg1

    The problem is that they are all tested on animals. 

  • Marymcg

    I recently got bruises on the top of my nose from biore pore strips.. would not recommend them!

  • Dora

    I like some of these products, but how about going completely au naturelle.  Avocado face masks work great.  Honey face masks work great too (very moisturizing, albeit quite sticky).  Olive oil mixed with a little cream softens cuticles. There are a lot of natural, inexpensive options in one’s pantry.

  • Debp824

    Egg white for a face mask is amazing.  Your skin tightens up, it’s crazy to see!  Then a good cleasing and lotion and I feel like a million bucks!

    • Gen

      I do this once a month and love how it makes my face feels.  I also use natural black soap (get it @the vitamin shoppe) daily for my face/skin and it is wonderful and of course follow it up with a nice moisturizer.   

  • ranavain

    I can totally vouch for the Secret clinical protection. I don’t have a “clinical” problem either, but I live in DC, and it’s hot as hell here during the summer. That stuff is noticeably better than the alternatives (though I prefer Tom’s of Maine in their Apricot scent otherwise). 

  • Ana

    Coconut oil is a great natural alternative to half the products listed here. Make up remover and cleanser, moisturizer, before and after sun care… I can probably think of a million other uses. Oh and it is amazing for cooking too!

    • Jamiehaydel

      Olive oil also works great for make-up remover!

  • Thanks for this great post that you share to us