10 Cheap and Fun Summer Activities for Kids

10 Free, Fun Summer Activities for KidsSummer is almost here, and we know what that means.

Summer vacation.

You could spend money to send your kid to summer camp, but you can also make Camp Mom the place to be this season with a few household staples.

Kids love getting their hands in everything, and thanks to warm weather and the resiliency of bathing suits/diapers/flip flops, the time has come to make the best kind of mess ... the kind that can be cleaned up with a garden hose.

There's no need to break the bank this summer on entertainment – the key is being prepared and planning ahead. We've put together ten fun activities for even the littlest camper. All these activities should be free as long as you have a few staples like food coloring, bread, kids' snacks, etc.

Head into summer with this arsenal, and school will be starting again before you can say mud pies.

Click on the first image to start the slide show (my daughter Tallulah is the beautiful model in these photos!).

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Jennifer Perkins, shown above with her daughter Tallulah, is the woman behind the book, blog and Etsy store Naughty Secretary Club (which, we swear, isn't as "naughty" as it sounds!). She is also the DIY editor at BlogHer.

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