Why Giving to Women Is the Best Way to Give


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    • Noelle St Clair

      Check out http://www.calvertfoundation.org/winwin to learn more about how you can earn a financial return while lifting communities out of poverty through the power of investing in women!

    • Anonymous

      Money should not be the only thing given to these women, sex education should be a priority, these women should know that more children they have and they can’t afford to have the deeper into poverty they sink.

      • Idara

        If the women can’t even have a say in how their bodies are treated, when/what they eat, or their rights to education & a good job, I don’t think they’d have a say in how many children they can have. In case you’re not aware, in most of those places, the right of a woman is only to have children, whether she wants to or not.

    • Sara

      I also highly recommend Kiva.org. Its a great organization that gives microloans all over the world. They do men as well as women, but you can choose who you donate to. The lists tell you the name of the person, what they need the money for and how much they still need to raise. The minimum donation is $25 and once your part has been repaid you can reloan it. 

    • Ginny

      I believe in giving to women first because they are normally better money managers than men and are normally responsible for the taking care of families in the ways mentioned in the article. I do, however, believe in giving to women of your own family, community, and country before sending money to other countries. I believe in strengthening the homefront first!

    • Jane Griswold

      In America especially, we as women often take our freedoms, our health, and our wellbeing for granted, forgetting that this is not the case for women in many places around the world. Thank you for providing a way for me to be reminded of this…Jane G.

    • Eebudee11

      Hey, what about a link to Kiva.org when talking about the micro loans for women entrepreneurs? Can you edit the article? I think it’s an important site for people to connect and give back to women across the world.

    • Vicki

      Thanks for a great article and thanks to all the commenters who recommended Kiva.org. I knew for a while now that giving to women was the best way to make the donation grow and kept meaning to get involved in microloans/donations but kept forgetting. This gave me the push I needed! Thanks again everyone!