The Only 10 Items You’ll Wear All Year

Libby Kane

Remember the six item challenge?

In fact, when members of the LearnVest team visited the Galapagos Islands, they completed the challenge for the entirety of their trip.

But compared to a year, that’s nothing.

Malaysian fashion label We Are ULTRA is encouraging customers to wear only ten items of clothing for an entire year. They’ve created a line, called ULTRA 10, which features ten items of mix-and-match clothing, including a four-in-one coat/dress/jacket/skirt (!).

According to the label’s website, the line was created to be “a conscientious response to the overconsumption that is too often associated with fashion.” At the end of the year, you can return your pieces for upcycling and receive replacement pieces at discounted prices.

We’re all for environmentally friendly, and we love the idea of the ultimate minimalist closet. The question is, will this ten-item challenge catch on?

Image: Tree Hugger

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  • Anonymous

    Well this is an applied example of a Techno Savvy Spacey Buddy. ULTRA 10 is a great savvy breakthrough. How about the different permutations and combinations!!!!!

  • Deborah

    Love the idea! I don’t think I could get down to 10, but I am very conscious of how versatile each of my pieces are. I like to have a wardrobe where almost every item is interchangeable with another – it is just filled with 100% my style! Have you ever heard of the October Dress Project? It sounds like a similar motivation.

  • Laurab

    i like the idea of a mix and match wardrobe with more than one way to wear an item but i dont think i could limit myself to ten pieces for a whole year!

  • Erica

    I would deffinately do this. 

  • Deurim Jung

    how much is this?
    I am planning to do this idea for my project on sustainable design
    does anyone know how much this is?