The Best Baby Shower Gifts for $50 and Less

The Best Baby Shower Gifts for $50 and LessSo, your best friend/sister/cousin/co-worker/husband's stepsister is about to have a baby.

There are many things you can give the mom-to-be that are priceless: unconditional support, a shoulder to cry on (as she inevitably will need after a few sleepless nights), your wise advice and—best of all?—free babysitting.

But for her upcoming baby shower, it might be necessary to bring something that comes with a tag on it.

Not to worry, we've got you covered (especially if you're busy dealing with your own bundle of joy).

We searched high and low for the best baby shower gifts that will fit your budget. From $10 multitaskers to the high-tech baby monitor that will keep Mommy calm, we've rounded up some highly reviewed, awesome baby shower gifts for $50 and less.

And if you aren't headed to a shower any time soon, take a look anyway. We covet some of these gifts for our own kids and ourselves. (Single-serve coffemaker? Yes, please.)

Click the first picture below to see our picks.

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