The 7 Most Cringe-Worthy Baby Shower Games

Everyone loves a party.

Or at least, everyone should.

And a baby shower is a party. Though, we'll admit, sometimes the fun is hit-or-miss.

At a shower, you spend money and time to celebrate an expectant mother you love. This often takes the form of games.

There are a lot of baby shower games we love: For instance, at the baby shower of Debbie, LearnVest's Director of Product Strategy, everyone went around sharing their best advice about being a mom (or their parents' advice, for the non-moms). They wrote the advice on cute slips of paper in an album for her to bring home. There were lots of good feelings, everyone was happy ... and, we hope, Debbie will benefit from our friendly words of wisdom.

At some showers, guests decorate diapers with markers, to bring a smile to the new parents' faces during a late-night diaper change. We smile just thinking about our baby in a diaper with a well-placed note from our sister.

What's the Best Baby Shower You've Been To?

Do you remember the best baby shower you've been to? Were games involved? Do you have a favorite (or least favorite) baby shower game?

That said, some baby shower games teeter on the edge between "fun" and "judgmental" ... or just plain gross. It's much harder to focus on celebrating Mom and her upcoming arrival when everyone's playing games that make her cringe. Being a mom is one of the best things in life, so why do so many baby shower games revolve around the worst parts of pregnancy and parenthood?

Since we believe living your richest life is all about making the most of your time, money and relationships, we used the "Ew, Ugh, Really?" rule to suss out the games better left unplayed: If the game inspired any of those reactions, it made the list.

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  • btvs

    I disagree! The guess the poop was one of the funniest games we ever played at a shower!

  • Margaret

    We played the baby food game at my shower, and it was fun! The difference for me was that everyone played – the food came around in a jar with no label, we all got the chance to see, smell, and if you wanted to taste, you were given a spoonful on a plate. Then we tallied up and the person with the most right answers won a Target giftcard. I think the version described here, where only the mom-to-be plays, is cringeworthy, because it seems that the laughs come at her expense. But if the whole party gets into it, it’s much more fun.